Diving school

Discovery Diving (First Time Diver)

Imagine to slip underwater and continue breathing in the depth! This program is designed to introduce you to scuba diving, and contains basic theoretical lessons, full equipment rental and diving up to 10 meters with instructor. We offer:

  • Basic (5meters) 70 €
  • Premium (10 meters) 80 €

Scuba diving courses


Entry level certification course where you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to dive in open water up to 18 meters depth. This program will teach you about dive equipment, diving sciences, environment and responsible diving practices. It takes 4 days diving, including complete equipment, learning materials, and certification.



This course is for certified divers who desire additional training or orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions. During training, the students will experience navigation, low visibility diving (or night diving), and deep diving (40 meters). It takes 3 days.


RESCUE SCUBA DIVER (on the request)

Learn how to manage risks and handle problems and diving emergencies, how to assist and transport divers, and how to perform the rescues from the depth. The program lasts 5 days. 


MASTER DIVER (on the request)

Expanding your diving capabilities and experience. You will engage the following required dives – emergency procedures and rescue, simulated decompression diving, limited visibility/night diving, underwater navigation, and search and recovery.  It takes 5 days.

We are Member of

NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) is the oldest and most experienced Diving Association in the world. It primarily serves as a recreational dive certification and membership organization established to provide international diver standards and education programs. The organisation is more on and technical approche on diving. The agency was founded in 1960 by Albert Tillman and Neal Hess.

Most famous partipant of NAUI are: Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Special groups certified by NAUI are: NASA Astronauts, US NAVI SEALs and Army Special Forces